torsdag 25 februari 2010

001: White Town "Mental at 5AM EP"

1. Death in Kettering
2. Mellow Doubt (Teenage Fanclub cover)
3. It Doesn't Matter Two (Depeche Mode cover)
4. Mattias says goodnight

10 SEK

Release date:

Arctic Nutter is very happy to present its very first release.
It was recorded in the small hours, at Jyoti Mishra's home in Oakwell outside of Derby.
The EP is made in 69 copies. (Each record on Arctic Nutter is printed in a number of copies that's between 50 and 100, of the artist's choice. At least that's the plan for now.)

You can buy this EP at Cosy Den events and DJ sets. If you're too far away, there's always the good old mail. For international orders, just calculate the total price for your order. The currency of your country is fine. Prices including shipping are...

20 SEK (within Sweden), 30 SEK (abroad)

Please send an e-mail to: thirdfloorfireescapeview (at) and you'll recieve very simple instructions.

There's a first press mention of Arctic Nutter here. Great interview, too. Read it!

(This blog will mainly just present the releases as they happen. This is better updated.)