onsdag 24 mars 2010

002: Hovstaterna "Illavarslande EP"

1. Sagerska palatset
2. Varsel
3. Adi Dassler 60 år

10 SEK

Release date:

This is Arctic Nutter's second release.
When the Swedish cartoonist and novellist Henrik Bromander released his latest comic book, one of his two acts of choice for live performances at the release party was Hovstaterna. Jon Mårtensson's hard-as-a-rock beats, and the right-wing government critical (to say the least) lyrics added by rappers Aggro and Dabbe make a brilliant and very angry electro-hip hop act. Every artist on Arctic Nutter gets to choose a number of copies between 50 and 100 for their release. Hovstaterna cockily picked 100.

Buy this record at Cosy Den events and DJ sets, or see the note about release 001 for other solutions.