söndag 1 januari 2012

009: Johan Hedberg "Vårdbiträdesblues"

1. Vårdbiträdesblues

Price: free (download mp3 and artwork here!)

Release date:

Johan Hedberg is known as one half of Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, and has previously released his own work on a cdr EP on Cosy Recordings that later became a 10" EP on Labrador, as well as a cdr EP here on Arctic Nutter. Here is his New Year's present to you - a free mp3 single with his brand new song "Vårdbiträdesblues".

There are some early words of praise here!

torsdag 4 november 2010

008: Mole Says Hi "I want one of my legs and a crown for both heads/Britney"

1. I want one of my legs and a crown for both heads
2. Britney

Price: 20 SEK

Release date:

Mole Says Hi is Rebecca Digby. A blogger who'd seen her play wrote: "Sweet as sugar and slender, she also manages to convey a bizarre feeling that something is completely fucked up". Convincing, isn't it? Even though there's a clear experimental touch over everything MSH, most of Rebecca's songs are regular (albeit brilliant) pop tunes - yet the first time she played at an indie pop night was this spring. Weird. This single contains two great tunes, and the b-side was recorded just the day before the release.
This release is made in 74 copies.

007: de Montevert "High on you"

1. High on you
2. The ghost
3. Near the end of the world

Price: 20 SEK

Release date:

de Montevert is Ellinor Nilsson from Evertsberg in the Swedish province of Dalarna. She's been making music as de Montevert for a couple of years, but this is her debut release - a single that collects the instant pop tune "High on you", the haunting (yes, that's the word, actually) "The ghost" and a fantastic cover version of Peter von Poehl's "Near the end of the world". Apart from having a great voice, Ellinor is also gifted with various instruments, to say the least. Her songs lean towards all sorts of good directions.
This release is made in 64 copies.

006: Soda Fountain Rag "The transport EP"

1. Go bus baby go
2. Ferry
3. The train to heaven
4. I watch the boats

Price: 20 SEK

Release date:

Soda Fountain Rag is Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl from Bergen, Norway. SFR is obviously quite well-known to the world of indie pop, having released records on several great labels (Yesboyicecream, Myhoney, Anorak, Cloudberry) over the years. When she came over with her band to play at the Cosy Den festival, she happened to have four new songs that are all about transport. This EP collects those four songs, and it sure follows SFR's tradition of quirky and smart pop songs.
This release is made in 83 copies.

onsdag 14 juli 2010

005: The Baseball Field "Swindie"

1. Comicon '09
2. It's time
3. Numbers
4. 1986
5. Twenty four hours
6. 15 minutes
7. 4:50 to the moon

Price: 20 SEK

Release date:

TBF is Joakim Johnsson, 34, from Nyköping just south of Stockholm. Apart from his job at a steel plant, he’s released TBF cassettes, vinyls and cdrs for fifteen years and has a small but devoted fanbase. Joakim's songs are electronic lo-fi I suppose. It took me a while, but it’s worth it - once you’re beyond being puzzled you’ll hear TBF’s sparkling pop songs and soothing sad ones. The lyrics are brilliant, too. This mini-album is mostly about space, and contains seven brand new tunes.
This release is made in 69 copies.

onsdag 26 maj 2010

004: Johan Hedberg "Svedmyra EP"

1. Svedmyra
2. Singalong
3. World in motion
4. Single of the week
5. Linde

6. Var dig själv (live)
7. Romantiska Skogås (demo)
8. Gamla gubbar (demo)

Price: 10 SEK

Release date:

Like tada tátà, Johan Hedberg had released an EP on Cosy Recordings, but this was way back - nearly three years ago. Shortly after, Labrador re-released it as a 10" EP. Since then, Johan has continously written new songs but never quite had the time to finish them, partly due to engagements with the Suburban Kids. But here are no less than five new tunes. Only one of them is in English though, despite the titles. The EP also includes a live version of the previously released "Var dig själv", and two home demo tracks.
This release is made in 79 copies.

måndag 17 maj 2010

003: tada tátà "Susie"

1. Susie
2. Another mother
3. Susie (acoustic)

Price: 10 SEK

Release date:

tada tátà had previously released a brilliant EP on Cosy Recordings and played at several Cosy Den events so they're surely no strangers to you. When this band needed something fresh to sell on their UK tour, it was handy to make a single and put it out on Arctic Nutter. The tour turned to (volcano) dust, but will hopefully happen in the future. Luckily, the single does exist. And it's great.
This release is made in 52 copies.