onsdag 14 juli 2010

005: The Baseball Field "Swindie"

1. Comicon '09
2. It's time
3. Numbers
4. 1986
5. Twenty four hours
6. 15 minutes
7. 4:50 to the moon

Price: 20 SEK

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TBF is Joakim Johnsson, 34, from Nyköping just south of Stockholm. Apart from his job at a steel plant, he’s released TBF cassettes, vinyls and cdrs for fifteen years and has a small but devoted fanbase. Joakim's songs are electronic lo-fi I suppose. It took me a while, but it’s worth it - once you’re beyond being puzzled you’ll hear TBF’s sparkling pop songs and soothing sad ones. The lyrics are brilliant, too. This mini-album is mostly about space, and contains seven brand new tunes.
This release is made in 69 copies.