torsdag 4 november 2010

008: Mole Says Hi "I want one of my legs and a crown for both heads/Britney"

1. I want one of my legs and a crown for both heads
2. Britney

Price: 20 SEK

Release date:

Mole Says Hi is Rebecca Digby. A blogger who'd seen her play wrote: "Sweet as sugar and slender, she also manages to convey a bizarre feeling that something is completely fucked up". Convincing, isn't it? Even though there's a clear experimental touch over everything MSH, most of Rebecca's songs are regular (albeit brilliant) pop tunes - yet the first time she played at an indie pop night was this spring. Weird. This single contains two great tunes, and the b-side was recorded just the day before the release.
This release is made in 74 copies.

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