torsdag 4 november 2010

007: de Montevert "High on you"

1. High on you
2. The ghost
3. Near the end of the world

Price: 20 SEK

Release date:

de Montevert is Ellinor Nilsson from Evertsberg in the Swedish province of Dalarna. She's been making music as de Montevert for a couple of years, but this is her debut release - a single that collects the instant pop tune "High on you", the haunting (yes, that's the word, actually) "The ghost" and a fantastic cover version of Peter von Poehl's "Near the end of the world". Apart from having a great voice, Ellinor is also gifted with various instruments, to say the least. Her songs lean towards all sorts of good directions.
This release is made in 64 copies.

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